Coleman 15 Ft. Ram x Canoe


Coleman 15 Ft. Ram x Canoe

The Canoe We Are Selling Has Been In Our Family Since It Was Purchased New In 1982. It Has Been Stored Since 1985 & We Can No Longer Store It. Included Is 2 Oars,2-Floation Cushions, 4 Roof Rack Pads. And The Original Owners Manual.

With canoes what type of material is a ram-x hull?


It is a sandwich of PE (polyethylene), a solid skin on each side of a more foam-like center. That makes it lighter than solid plastic. And stiffer than the same weight of solid plastic.

Like any PE boat (kayak or canoe), it is great for bouncing off the rocks. But not as light as kevlar or Royalex or wooden construction would be.

Compare to Royalex: "Royalex (acrylonatrile butadeine styrine) is a lamination of cross-linked vinyl, ABS plastic, and ABS closed-cell foam.
The outside vinyl layers give the boat its color and protect it from sunlight. The ABS layers next to the vinyl skins are stress layers. The inner ABS foam core provides buoyancy, insulation, noise absorption, and structural rigidity (sandwich effect).
All these layers are fused together by vulcanization. Royalex can take severe deformation without breaking."

Royalex is better than PE/Ram-X. Lighter and made into better shapes. But Coleman canoes are $350-400 while Mad River Royalex canoes are $1000 or so. For the extra $600, Royalex is lighter, paddles better because of it's more sophisicated shape, and has a real center yoke for portaging (the ONLY good way to carry a canoe any distance!)

Coleman Ram-x canoes excel at: price, bouncing off rocks, bouncing off the highway (when your tie-down snaps), and they come with cup holders for your beer.


Reviews for RAM-X 15 Canoe by Coleman

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Submitted by: Cliff - Rating: 10 of 10
     I purchased my RAM-X 15.8 with transom back, used in 86 & used it all these years. Just gave it to a friend. Loved it. I mostly used a trolling motor on it & never had a problem. Bulky. Yes. Heavy, for sure. Always loaded it my self. Learned a few tricks along the way for loading. Sitting upright, I take my foot & place it in the center of the side rail & rock it till the other side comes up. Grab the side & flip it over. Lift the front up onto the rack & push it up on to truck. Easy load & unload the same.

For stability inside floor, I made a screwdown 1/4" plywood floor. Solid for loading & moving around & not very much added weight. For long time in-use, I also added 2 removable fold-down cushioned boat seats. Nice to have a back to lean on & soft on the butt comfort.

I did a lot of night time fishing all over Lake Mead, NV, lakes in AZ., UT. & even the Snake River in ID so I added port/starboard & aft lighting to be night time legal. Has served well, takes a beating & still going strong. Today I purchased a newer version RAM-X 15, as it is much lighter. Will be adding the plywood floor & fold-down seats & taking it out for a weekend run to see how it is compared to the older one. No trolling motor this time.


Submitted by: fanopoe - Rating: 9 of 10
     I have a RAM-X 14.5 (Pelican/Coleman). I spent last weekend out on Lake Jocassee with it and had no problems whatsoever. That though, is due in part to some lessons I've learned. Namely, since I'm paddling solo, I added 3 50# bags of sand in the bow to balance my weight in the stern. This kept the bow down so the wind couldn't spin me around as easily as it had before. I also have learned more paddling strokes and can paddle one side of the canoe and still move straight.

I bought this canoe because it was inexpensive and big enough for the whole family. It IS heavy, but I built a block and tackle system that allows me to easily hang it in my garage. Loading and unloading is a matter of leverage and proper lifting techniques. I would not want to portage this a long way though. It is great for shuttling the little ones out on the water and/or fishing from.


Submitted by: mousie - Rating: 10 of 10
     I found my canoe next to the Ohio one day I was walking down the shore line. I let it sit there to see if it was some ones but about a month later i found it about a mile down the shore line. I had it's cereal number searched turned out to be 11 years old I took the big bad boy down the Ohio about 5-8 mile for a weak in the winter even some time with ice on the beach (I know dumb idea in the freezing water) it has great maneuverability and its maybe 150 pounds has handles on both sides built in it about 15 feet long. basically I love this canoe. luckaly I found mine so i got it for free. Which I love


Submitted by: Rick L. - Rating: 9 of 10
     This canoe is a 9 out of 10, just because it's hard to be a perfect 10.
All of these low ratings are written by people whose needs are different than what the Ram-X provides...

... Clunky, heavy, wide turns, ugly: yes.
... Indestructible, buoyant, stable, high carrying capacity: Yes!

I have owned a $200 15ft Coleman Ram-X and also a $2500 kevlar Wenonah. I am currently shopping for canoes to take out on local (Philadelphia-MD-NJ) creeks, rivers, and lakes. Guess what I am shopping for??? A Coleman Ram-X!

I want something that can scrape over rocks, a lot of rocks ... bash into fallen trees ... run up on shore for easy exit, any shore (cement, asphalt, rocks, sand, etc.). I want something large for carrying my cooler full of ice cold beverages. I want something stable so I can stand up and paddle or sit tight while being pounded by 30" waves in windy and choppy waters.

I don't need to go fast, I canoe to get outside and relax on the water, not to race. If I was in a group, that would be an issue though, but I would only want to canoe with leisurely canoists/canoers/folks. If you want to go fast, you should invest in an entirely different knid of canoe, and they are very very nice, but not rugged.

If you have trouble lifting heavier canoes, then don't buy this, you should buy a shorter canoe or a canoe made of a different material. But hey, I have a herniated disc and do not lift more than 25lbs due to this, and I manage all right. Girls can lift it just fine, but not old ladies. Plus, the actual lift takes only a few seconds, not too bad. But really, if you are frail and need to lift the boat, this is not the boat for you.

I will but a Coleman Ram-X and I will load it up as I take a leisurely cruise down local rivers/lakes ... and I will punish it and let it protect me as I take it down Class II creeks, enjoying the quiet ride in calm spots.

It would be a 10 out of 10 if the seats could be a little lower to make paddling more effective, but hey, now you are getting into the fast boat design parameters.

Submitted by: roanoke - Rating: 9 of 10
     I give this boat a 9 out of 10 based on a fair consideration of how much it cost. I might give it a 1 out of 10 if I were comparing it to an expensive canoe, but that would be an unfair comparison. If you expect a $500 canoe to be as easy to lift onto your car as a carbon-fiber boat, or as fast to paddle, you're unreasonable. You get more than you pay for when you buy a Ram-X. I've paddled mine mostly on rivers for over 10 years, hit plenty of rocks and Class I - III rapids, and it has held up well. The biggest problem has been in high winds on flatwater without a companion, which allowed the wind to lift the bow and spin it, but I don't consider that a major flaw, just something to keep in mind.

Verdict: If you want a canoe for rivers and you find a good deal on a used Ram-X, and you don't need (or can't afford) a more expensive boat, buy the Ram-X. If you want a boat just for flatwater, you might want to buy something else, but remember that you can't hit many rocks (which is part of paddling many rivers) with aluminum boats without damaging them.


Submitted by: Emmanuel - Rating: 9 of 10
     I bought one 150€ a last year in France from a canoe club where it has been used for years. Have no idea how it came to France! After some minor repairs, I have been using it going down rivers, paddling around. Everybody liked it, particularly the stability and robustness. Capsized once, but clearly my fault, not the canoe's! Not so difficult to carry, thanks to the handles. I am thinking of put a third seat in the middle. If I can find a second one, I'll buy it!


Submitted by: sailor - Rating: 9 of 10
     This canoe is indestructible, I bought one so long ago it only cost about $250 new. It lay out in sun and snow for about 16 years and is faded but serviceable. I recently stuck some outriggers and and sunfish sail on it and had it going about 12 knots in high winds.
Downside, very heavy and the ramX material does not make a smoothly contoured hull. But this boat owes me nothing.

Submitted by: - Rating: 10 of 10
     I would have to give coleman canoes an 11.
I purchased my first one in 1980 and have put it through hell since. I have struggled with much heavier canoes. I have probably put 1,000 miles on my first Coleman and it goes strong today. I use it for canoe camping and class I and II water. It slides over obstructions easily and has great stability. The weight has never been a problem if I remember to use leverage. I wish that every product had the value that Coleman produced with that 17 foot canoe. I will give it to my stepson upon my death.

Submitted by: Brandon Shelton - Rating: 9 of 10
     After countless trips on the Black River and Vermillion River in northeastern Ohio in my uncles coleman ramx canoe, I finally decide to purchase my own with money I received from a summer job. I do see why people knock it cause of its weight, but we've had it on white water class I-II with no difficulty what so ever. It is by far one of the most inexpensive and durable canoes imaginable. Mine is currently less than a year old - purchased in August - I've had it out on the water three times (would be more but I don't have my drivers license).

I'm very impressed with it, the only difference between my uncles and mine is flex (his interior does not include a center seat but instead two aluminum thwarts with down bars which greatly improve hull rigidity). At around 300 dollars it is unbeatable... I can't wait till Spring

Submitted by: mike - Rating: 9 of 10
     I just bought a Ram x 15, about 7 yrs. old, excellent condition, great durable, affordable family, canoe... wish they still made them... the pelican models they now have are poor quality. They ruined the good reputation06-08-2007
Submitted by: MD - Rating: 9 of 10
     I bought my Ram-x 15 from my brother-in-law when he got his bass boat. Sure it's a little awkward when trying to load solo, especially on a SUV. Try getting one of those new gadgets they sell that lets you put up one end and then it rotates letting you walk it around to the front. A definite back-saver if you use it a lot.

I love this canoe. It's perfect for calm waters (I don't do any swift-water running). Never been tipped even in some decent swells from nearby passing boats. I always feel very confident and safe in it with the kids. And with gas what it is, it sure beats anything else!

 of Coleman, when they bought them in 2001!





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Coleman 15 Ft. Ram x Canoe

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